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Senior Carers Pack 1

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Nurses and seniors carers accredited pack. This course is suited to nurses and seniors carers who wish to develop their skills set. This is also aimed to equip former nurses trained abroad working in the UK as carers and UK trained nurses achieve their revalidation CPD points.  This pack will refresh your knowledge on the basic principles of Medication Administration, Dementia Awareness, Epilepsy Awareness, Information Governance and Conflict Management and as such emphasises on quality & safety in the work place. It includes Medication administration, Dementia Awareness, Epilepsy Awareness, Conflict Management & Information Governance.

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Senior Carers Pack 1

The accredited Senior Carers Pack 1  pack is designed to meet the learning requirements as set out Skills for Health for Nurses & Senior Carers. It is aimed at nurses trained abroad and are currently working in the UK as senior carers or senior carers currently working the UK and wish to refresh their skill set as senior carers. This course will equip learners with the necessary skills to provide care and support in care homes, residential homes and nursing homes, day care centres, learning disability homes and hospitals. It is designed to provide the learner with skills, knowledge and awareness on how to administer medication safely, assist in the effective support of individuals suffering with Dementia, Epilepsy and effectively manage documentation.

  • Medication Administration
  • Dementia Awareness
  • Information Governance
  • Epilepsy Awareness
  • Conflict Management. 

About Our Courses

1. What other courses do you offer?
We offer various courses for new starters and experienced staff to the Health& Social Care Industry. These range from the Basic Pack, Mandatory Pack, and the Care Certificate. Individuals wishing to enter the Health and Social Care Industry are strongly advised to purchase the Care Certificate. Individuals wishing to work in the NHS are advised to purchase the Statutory Mandatory pack. Individuals wishing to renew their yearly qualifications are recommended to purchase either the Statutory Mandatory or the Mandatory pack.

2. Is the Mandatory Statutory course accredited?
All our courses are CPD accredited (Continuous Professional Development) and count towards your CPD points. Points for each course will be indicated on each certificate issued.

3. Do these courses count towards a professional qualification?
The Care Certificate is a recognised qualification that can assist individuals undertaking it to progress on to NVQ’S and or to The access course to nursing.

4. Which is the best course to do?
Most employers require all potential staff to undertake mandatory courses yearly. These differ from employer to employer . Please check with your employer which courses are most suitable for you. We however recommend all new staff to the Health & Social care industry to undertake the Care Certificate. This provides you with most of the necessary basic skills required to begin your health and social care career.

Purchasing Courses
1. How can I purchase a course?
You can either choose to purchase a single course, a number of courses or a pack of courses. Individuals wishing to purchase single courses for themselves are advised to click Start Course, Take this Course, select individual for a single learner, or Group for individuals purchasing on behalf of their company, add to basket and proceed to checkout.

2. What other ways can I undertake my courses?
You can also choose to undertake your course in a classroom setting, remotely from home (Virtually) or do it online (E – Learning). Virtual and classroom courses can be booked in www.coralandreed.co.uk while online courses are purchased on our site.

3. I have purchased the course, what next?
Once the purchase of the course is complete, please allow up to 10 minutes before checking your email for log in details. Where details have not been emailed automatically please do not hesitate to contact us.

4. When can I start my Mandatory Statutory course?
You can start your course immediately after purchase.

5. How long will the Mandatory Statutory course take?
All our courses will take differing time according to the learning resource but traditionally previous learners have taken as little as 1 hour up to 3 hours. You have access to the courses once purchased for a period of 1 year.

6. How do the courses work?
Once you purchase a course, go to our website –  and log in at the top by entering your user name and password. A list of courses should appear on the screen. Click on any course to start. On your desired course page, scroll down to course content and select the 1st module, Study the learning material, click mark complete and click lesson content to access your assessment or next lesson where lesson content is missing. 

7. Can I do my Mandatory course on any other gadget but a desk top?
Yes, of course. Courses purchased can be completed on the phone, tablet or on a laptop.

Our courses are:

  • CPD accredited
  • Competitively priced
  • Broken down to easy to learn chunks
  • Accessible on any device (laptop, tablet, phone)
  • Highly interactive and engaging with great visuals
  • Meet current CQC & other regulating body requirements
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