Wondering why you should do The Care Certificate?

Care Certificate






Well, there are lots of advantages of studying your care giver’s course with us and we are going to go through some of those with you. The Care Certificate is designed to prepare you to understand the Health and Social Care system in the UK and it’s associated legalities as per the CQC and Skills for Care.

It gives you an insight into what your role is as a care giver (duties and responsibilities), how to provide the best possible care and support to the individual you are caring for, your rights as an employee and the most sensitive bits that you have to pay attention to while working as a care giver. It introduces you to how the Health and Social Care system is designed in the UK.

Our CPD accredited Care Certificate is broken down into small bite sized chunks accompanied with short assessments that are easy for you to digest and only a little material is given to the learner at a time. This makes it becomes very easy to manage and understand the whole course.

The assessments solidify learning and ensure that you have understood the material previously given. The learning resource has been designed by professional trainers that have trained The Care Certificate for years and understand the key principles that learners have to understand.

Our goal while designing the online course was to present a highly interactive engaging and captivating material that accurately capture the principles discussed in each lesson and most importantly while meeting government set standards on the Health & Social Care givers curriculum.

I would advise anyone who is serious about obtaining a job in the UK to consider a good quality course as it makes all the difference in equipping you appropriately for your role and ensures that you are aware of your rights and responsibilities to a professional standard.

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