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In order to develop quality, professional health and social care staff who provide a high standard of quality care and support, it is vital that continuous learning is implemented. Employers have a huge role to play to ensure that carers coming into the health and social care profession have the skills and expertise, often gained through training, to provide excellent client care.

Providing the best possible care is much more than ticking boxes to please the Care Quality Commission (CQC) or your local authority inspector. Productive, empowered staff will help you deliver high quality services that in turn translate into high customer satisfaction.
According to the results of a recent Guardian survey, 57% of health and social care staff don’t feel they have opportunities to undertake the necessary training to further their career and just over two-thirds (68%) don’t feel they have enough training to do their job, while one fifth of health and social care apprenticeships received no training at all.

Often times, inexperienced and untrained staff, or those with a poor approach to care giving, will require more of a manager’s time through supervision and more resources to perform their duties to scratch – when your time could be spent better in other areas.
A recent “sandwich generation survey” carried out by the CQC found that 97% of people choosing a care home for their loved one thought that well trained staff was a major factor and influenced their decision in getting home care for their loved one while 100% thought that, that was a major factor when looking for residential care.
With effective staff training in place, the following areas can be evidenced:

  • Employee work ethics, morale and motivation will increase as they will feel valued and have the correct tools and skills to do their job.
  • Staff turnover will reduce and staff retention levels will increase. Dedicated and attentive staff will drive innovative ideas throughout the business, improving customer service and marketability of your company.
  • Accidents will be reduced with proper health and safety training. Employees will be more aware of areas of risk and avoid the likelihood of accidents.
  • By focusing on internal training, the perception, word of mouth and reputation of the organisation will grow.

Legislation states that not only does training have to be completed, but it has to be done in a way that will allow the care that you provide to be maintained and the welfare of your clients tended to at all times.

It is easier to source flexible training than you think. Our qualified trainers at Coral & Reed Ltd can deliver training at a location of your choice or in our Langley based office or online for those that prefer online learning. Individuals living outside the UK can easily complete our online Care Certificate to gain the required skills and knowledge to apply for a carer role. The course can take anywhere between 1 – 12 weeks to complete, is aimed at potential carers and does not require any prior qualification to be completed. Upon the completion of the 15 standards you will be issued with an accredited certificate which can then be forwarded to your employer.

We are a specialist health and social care training company that provides healthcare training to nurses and carers. Our courses are highly interactive, packed with situation-based scenarios leaving a fun and positive learning experience. All our learning resources and training materials meet the CQC, Skills for Care and Skills for Health training standards. Please visit our ‘face to face courses’ section of our website for further information on what we can provide or our online learning portal and enrol for our online learning.

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