Epilepsy Awareness

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Epilepsy Awareness

Epilepsy Awareness online training course is aimed at developing participant awareness on epilepsy. It gives the learner a basic understanding of  what epilepsy is, the different types of seizures, how to support an individual who experiencing epilepsy and the necessary basic first aid required after a seizure.

Epilepsy Awareness Learning Outcomes
  • An introduction to epilepsy
  • Known causes of epilepsy
  • Types of seizures
  • Treatments – medication and side effects
  • Risk management and support needs
  • Risk assessments
  • Individual care plan
  • Duty of care & legal responsibilities
  • When to call an ambulance
  • Privacy & dignity
  • Stay safe techniques

Assessment: Candidates will have a short assessment within and at the end of the course.

Duration: 3 hours                 Certification: Available on successful completion of the course. 

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