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Dementia Awareness Training Course

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In order for carers to understand more about Dementia and feel more comfortable providing care, this Dementia Awareness training course was developed as an introduction to Dementia.  Dementia is an illness that causes a decline in the sufferers brain function. This is designed to increase awareness and provide basic skills and knowledge for all staff working with individuals with dementia. It will equip the learner with knowledge on the different types of dementia and their causes, as well as the associated changes in their behaviour.

Individuals will acquire essential skills on  how to adopt the appropriate communication strategies as well as understand the cognitive and non cognitive interventions that are used to improve the sufferer’s wellbeing and experiences to better support the individual. 

dementia awareness
  • Created by professionals in Dementia
  • CPD accredited
  • No time restrictions, the training is entirely online.
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Instant digital certificate.


Upon the successful completion of our online dementia awareness training course, you will undertake a 20 question quiz  with a pass mark of 80%. The questions are automatically marked and you will be automatically certificated. If you don’t pass, you can retake the assessment as many times as desired until you pass.

Dementia Learning Outcomes

By the end this session participants will be able to understand –

  • What is Dementia
  • The different causes of dementia
  • Signs & symptoms of dementia
  • Behaviour changes
  • Communication
  • Cognitive & non – cognitive interventions
  • Prevention and the various risks of dementia
  • The importance of early diagnosis

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for all carers in the health and social sector responsible for the care and support of individuals with dementia. The course is appropriate to learners of various all skill levels, including those who work in healthcare facilities, nursing/care homes, or are just caring for a family member at home who has dementia

Why Choose Coral & Reed courses?

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Healthcare courses online
Healthcare courses online

The CPD Group has recognised all of our courses as adhering to generally recognised standards for Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

When the course is successfully completed, a quality assured certificate will be issued to you. This can be utilised as proof of conformity and audit.

The renewal term for this course is suggested to be 1 year based on industry best practise guidelines. This suggested renewal date will be printed on your certificate.

Course content

What exactly is dementia and is it preventable? Statistics about dementia, kinds of dementia, and those most at risk.

The caregiver’s role, memory loss, confusion, personality changes, problems with speech and daily duties, and the progression of dementia.

Getting in touch with a doctor, getting a dementia diagnosis early on, finding a support group, arranging for housing and employment, driving, handling legal and financial matters, and getting dementia treatment.

Maintaining independence, relationship management, memory aids, daily activities, diets and overall health, receiving additional assistance and support.

Introducing changes, adaptations for the living area, stairs, kitchen and bathroom, as well as lighting, warmth, specialist equipment and other contacts.

Course objectives

After completing this course, learners will:

  • Know about the various types of dementia and identify the people who are most at risk.
  • Know the signs of dementia and know what to watch for, especially the most prevalent ones.
  • Know the diagnostic procedures for dementia.
  • Recognise how important it is to look after the needs of the individual in need and carer as well as all those involved in the diagnosis.
  • Understand how to look after a person who has dementia, look after their health, and assist them with daily activities.
  • Know the many house changes that may be done to make dementia life simpler and preserve the person’s independence.

How do our courses work?​

Healthcare courses online

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Healthcare courses online

2. Course access

After making your purchase, go to your email account, look for an email from Coral & Reed Ltd where you will find the information you need to begin your training (use your username and login using the password you created).

Healthcare courses online
Healthcare courses online

3. Certificate

After successfully completed your course, you can immediately download your digital certificate as a PDF.

4. Continued Support

If at any point during your course you require assistance, our helpful customer support staff is eager to assist you. Please feel free to contact us at or call us at 01753 463464, and we’ll try our best to address any queries you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our course are available to all leaners across the world and can be paid for using a Debit card.

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No, there isn’t a time limit on how soon you must finish the training after placing a purchase since we want our courses to fit your schedule. Additionally, you may divide your training into as many sessions as you choose because the programme tracks your success as you go along. You are totally free to study at your own speed.

Based on best practise recommendations, the majority of our training courses include a suggested date for renewal, which is 1 Year.  The certificate you receive after finishing the course will include this date.

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