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The Care Certificate

Online Courses For Health and Social care Industry The Care Certificate Please choose from the buttons below. Either to buy or if you have completed the course click on Get Certicicate of Completion button This CPD accredited Care Certificate is the recommended course for all individuals wishing to enter into the Health & Social care …

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Record Keeping

Record keeping is an essential aspect in the health and social sector and plays a viral role in providing safe and effective care to patients and or service users. Effective record keeping helps promote high standards of clinical care, ensure continuity of care, helps detect problems such as deterioration in their health and condition while …

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dementia awareness


Dementia is an illness that causes a decline in the sufferers brain function. This CPD accredited awareness course is designed to increase awareness and provide basic skills and knowledge for all staff working with individuals with dementia. It will equip the learner with knowledge on the different types of dementia and their causes, as well …

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Covid Course Demo

This Covid course demo is a test drive course to help you see how the system works. It will only take you 2-3 minutes and a demo certificate will be generated at the end.  Click Start this course or buy button to start. It is absolutely FREE! Covid Course Demo Learning Outcomes The main aims …

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Covid 19 Course

This Covid 19 online course is designed to help the learner understand what Covid is, it’s corresponding signs and symptoms, how it spreads and how to protect oneself. Covid 19 Learning Outcomes The main aims of this course is to help the learner understand: What is Covid – 19 The signs and symptoms of Covid …

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food hygiene

Level 1 Food Hygiene

This Level 1 Food Hygiene is designed to help the learner understand how to how to handle prepare and store food hygienically. It covers the importance of food safety, what illnesses come about from poor safety, the legal aspects of poor hygiene and how to maintain appropriate standards of hygiene. Level 1 Food Hygiene Learning …

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level 2 food and hygiene

Level 2 Food Hygiene

Level 2 Food Hygiene Course is designed to equip learners understand the importance of food safety, the consequences of poor food hygiene, principles necessary when preparing, handling and storing food, temperature control, personal hygiene and the importance of maintaining a clean environment. The law requires that all food business operators ensure that food handlers receive …

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Information Governance

Information governance

This Information Governance online training course is for all individuals in any working environments where data is handled. It focuses on the principles of Information Governance, the importance of data security, different types of information, basic data security, dealing with data breaches, GDPR principles, Caldicott principles and Freedom of Information Act. Participants will also understand …

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Conflict Management

Conflict Management

Conflict Management helps to resolve conflict in all situations and it’s understanding ensures that situations that would otherwise be out of control are appropriately managed. This CPD accredited course is suitable for all staff who may be involved who may be involved in dealing with conflict. Conflict Management Learning Outcomes The most common causes & …

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(RIDDOR) Reporting of Injuries Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences awareness aims to bring an awareness on the importance of reporting injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences in the work place. RIDDOR Learning Outcomes Introduction What is Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences? The Legal Aspects Who does Reporting of Injuries Diseases & Dangerous occurrences relate to? …

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(COSHH) Control of Substances Hazardous to Health awareness will equip staff with the necessary knowledge , skills and understanding required when working with different hazardous substances and the importance of observing safety at work. COSHH Learning Outcomes By the end this session participants will be able to understand – Introduction What are substances hazardous to …

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Understand your Role

Our Understand your role online training course is designed to introduce the learner to their role as a health & social care worker. It focuses on the rights and responsibilities of the employee and the importance of following agreed ways of working such as policies and procedures, the legislation, professional boundaries and confidentiality. Understand your …

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Infection Control

This infection control online training course is designed to train staff on their roles and responsibilities in infection prevention. Infection Control Learning Outcomes Pathogens The chain of infection and breaking the chain of infection Your health, Hygiene and Handwashing ; PPE; Safe handling of waste (incl Sharps) and Linen. Assessment: Upon the successful completion of …

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Lone Worker Awareness

Our Lone worker awareness online training course is designed to ensure learners understand the importance of understanding risks associated with lone working. It is suitable for any workers in a lone working environment in any sector. It explains the concept of what lone working is, what responsibilities the employer and the employee have and the …

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Risk Assessment

This risk assessment awareness online training course empowers workers conduct assessments of risks independently and understand their importance in their workplace in line with the Health & Safety Executive. Risk Assessment Learning Outcomes What is the assessment of risk? The legal aspects The importance of assessments How to conduct an assessments How to control risks …

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Information Governance

Handling Information

This handling information online training course is for all individuals in any working environments where data is being handled. It focuses on people’s right to confidentiality , the appropriate usage of data, data protection act principles, storage of information and the passing on of information in all work settings. Participants will understand why it is …

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Mental Health, Dementia & L D

This mental health dementia and learning disabilities online training course aims to make you aware of the experiences and their respective courses. It focuses on how to identify potential needs and related issues and how to support individuals with these experiences.  Mental Health, Dementia & L D Learning Outcomes Understand the needs and experiences of …

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Person Centred Care

This person centred care online training course is designed to help health and social care and support workers work in a person centred way. It highlights the importance of promoting and upholding privacy, dignity, rights, health and well being of people who use health and care services and their carers at all times.  Person Centred …

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Equality and Diversity

This equality and diversity online training course helps participants understand equality, diversity and the importance of promoting equality in the workplace according to the Equality Act 2010. It is designed to alleviate discrimination and unfair treatment within a professional environment. Equality and Diversity Learning Outcomes Understand the importance of equality and inclusion Work in an …

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Duty of Care

Our Duty of care online training course aims at helping the learner understand their responsibilities in ensuring that their code of conduct does not fall below the code of conduct. All health & social care workers have a responsibility to ensure that their actions or omissions do not harm the safety and well being of …

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Personal Development

This Personal Development online training course is aimed at helping the learner improve the quality of healthcare, care and support through continuing professional development. It helps the learner reflect and evaluate on their own values, priorities, interests and effectiveness so as to highlight new areas and means of growth. Learning Outcomes Agree a personal development …

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 This communication online training course is useful for all workers within a professional work setting. It focuses on the different types, barriers of communication. It discusses the different types of working relationships, checking understanding and the legal aspects that pertain to communication.  Communication Learning Outcomes The main aims of this course is to help the …

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Medication Administration

Medication training is an online course is designed for workers who administer drugs in all health and social care settings. It covers the legal aspects, the responsibility of the designated persons, the different categories of drugs as well as how to administer drugs safely.  Medication Administration Learning Outcomes Understand the legal framework The roles and …

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